FANT and Atelier Sukha share a very natural connection. We inspire each other and share thoughts and ideas. FANT loves the fairtrade way of working at Sukha. One of their projects they work with is a empowerment group they found while traveling through the poorest regions of Nepal. The women of this community practice handcrafted knitting.


Empowerment group of women

In Nepal the women are born into a society where rights are subordinate to those of men. Girls are often married off at an early age with little or no education, no land rights or no options for independent income. Because of this project women get a stable income, access to daycare for their children, education, healthcare and regular check ups of dentists and gynecologists. At the moment they are establishing a clean water force for the dyeing unit.



With the creative knowledge of knitwear from FANT and the established quality of wool from Sukha we started mixing. FANT made some hand knitted swatches to develop the stitches and Sukha took the ideas with them on their travel. After checking the sample together and adding some fun the style was born: A hand knitted coat/cardigan called Joy (named after a cheerful girl)