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    FROM ITALY WITH LOVE...CRAFTMENSHIP Love to work with such soft delicate yarns! Italy has a great heritage of how to handle with care; by sharing a space with ideas, people and machineries they create sustainable quality. FANT likes to use and re-use, and create an everlasting style. Easy jumpers with a twist on it's own; a [...] More

    FANT X SUKHAHAND WOVEN FANT and Atelier Sukha share a very natural connection. We inspire each other and share thoughts and ideas. FANT loves the fairtrade way of working at Sukha. One of their projects they work with is an empowerment group they found while traveling through India. The women of this community practice handcrafted weaving [...] More

    BELGIAN LINENLOCAL PRODUCTION Locally grown flax is being used for making the fabrics. (Belgium) FANT was inspired by tribes from all over the world and made stylish caftans, relaxing jackets and workmen’s shirts to play hide and seek.. Locally manufactured (Holland) Linen scores very highly on ecological factors. Flax is a natural product that does [...] More

    FANT X MARTINE VIERGEVERHANDMADE JEWELS Collaboration between FANT and Martine Viergever Sterling silver / Plated gold 925 / 000 Earrings Drawn to each other’s work We started to exchange ideas Found common ground and fun! We find our match in Craftmenship / Modern simplicity / Native origin More

    ORGANIC TANNED BAGSLIMITED EDITION After making the shopping bag in recycled material, FANT decided to make an “adult” luxurious leather bag and used the leftover leather to make a small treasure-bag. Same shape, but translated into traditional leather craftsmanship. The thick and soft leather which is used as a sustainable approach: organic tanned, which means [...] More

    WOODEN DISCSCRAFTMENSHIP FANT likes to play with all kinds of materials. Learning more about their quirks and characteristics new ideas starts flowing.. By combining fabrics like wool & linen together with wood and leather a real decor for home accessories is in development. Each disc is different in shape (not perfectly round) and also the [...] More

    CUSHIONSHAND MADE FANT likes to discover new worlds: home-ables! After made the graphic scarf BIRD this design is suitable for many products. FANT uses different types of linen: regular | stiff stonewashed linen | wool-linen mix. While combining the graphical “print” with thinner and thicker yarn against hand stitching, a new product was born. Playful [...] More

    FANT XXX SUKHASCREENPRINTED LOKTA PAPER Atelier Sukha has a long time experience with making lokta-paper products. FANT and Atelier Sukha developed a new project together by making graphic designs on gift paper and garlands. Giving some JOY to the world! More

    WALL HANGINGSHANDMADE A follow up project in the home-ables are the wallhangings. Made of stonewashed belgian linen. There are 2 lines. The 1st line is developed by making new stitch techniques, creating a new face and appearance. The 2nd line is made by patchwork ideas, but then in a not-traditional way. More
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