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    FANT x Studio Nienke HoogvlietHEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT, REMEDY FOR BODY AND SKIN Studio Nienke Hoogvliet has done many projects related to the sustainability of the textile industry. With the H.E.R.B.S. research one of the questions arise whether medicinal natural dyes could contribute to our well-being. Check the H.E.R.B.S. book to find out more..! FANT was curious [...] More

    PostcardsFANTS WORLD After so many projects and taking pictures , FANT decided to take the most interesting ones to use for postcards. Some of them are details of earlier products, other’s where made in the process and never came to the public’s eye. All postcards are printed on sustainable paper like hennep-paper, grass-paper or recycled [...] More

    ABANDONED PIECESHAND CRAFTED These soft, cloudy blankets are made in an intuitive way. With the knowledge, that time is on my side and by following each operation step by step, the blankets become a playground for elementary methods. Issues that are normally seen as imperfections, like defaults of stitching and repairments are now reminders for [...] More

    FANT X SUKHAHAND KNITTED FANT and Atelier Sukha share a very natural connection. We inspire each other and share thoughts and ideas. FANT loves the fairtrade way of working at Sukha. One of their projects they work with is a empowerment group they found while traveling through the poorest regions of Nepal. The women of this [...] More

    NATURAL DYINGLIMITED EDITIONS Delicate, light and quirky scarfs, produced in a crafted and artisanal way, are the result of a magic process. It all starts by combining the softest  virgin organic wool and plant-based dyes. Let them share the intimacy of warm water and that’s where “life” starts… It looks like every scarf is changing in an [...] More

    ABANDONED PIECESUNIQUE PIECES My mind is free My hands are playing Step by step by step... Embracing the soft abandoned pieces With the love of doing nothing and everything  Thoughts stop and go .... doubting if they are important or not ... Cut, cut, cut: my scissors knows exactly what to do. Together with his basic rhythm [...] More

    UNPLUGGEDLIMITED EDITION These crispy garments are made out of original antique kimono's. With the knowledge that time is on my side and by following each operation in an intuitive way, the garments become a playground for elementary methodes. Issues which are normally seen as imperfections like defaults of stitching, small spots and repairments are now [...] More

    UNPLUGGEDSOCIAL PROJECT FANT loves to see the world with a different view. Taken products out of the context and giving them a new life. These bags were originally used for collecting waste and debris. By restyling & reshaping them (in collaboration with social work Studio Klare Taal) this is FANT’s vision of a modern shopping [...] More

    FROM ITALY WITH LOVE...CRAFTMENSHIP This project is all about favorites, archetypes, and analyzing. I was curious to develop some everlasting styles, and here is the first one: the FANT shirt! A relaxed fit with some playful details. The cross stitches find their origin in not being able to sew neatly. Press buttons are there to [...] More

    ABANDONED PIECESHANDMADE Long time ago I made myself a bracelet of an old one of my mother. A jade-stone bracelet which I covered with leather. When I started FANT, I could not imagine it was soo hard to find the right address. Till I met Juno of Studio Klare Taal. It's a social workplace where [...] More
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