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  • FANT X The Knitwit Stable X Atelier Sukha

    FANT X The Knitwit Stable X Atelier SukhaDUTCH WOOL WE FOUND COMMON GROUND IN OUR LOVE FOR WOOL, CRAFTMANSHIP & COLLABORATION. A jointed effort between FANT, The Knitwit Stable and Atelier Sukha. These cardigans are made of 100% local Dutch wool and 100% soft Belgian linen. More

    FANT X *DIED*SCREENPRINT BY HAND NAIEV ARTWORK By using artwork BLUSH  (*DIED*) and screen print it by hand on washed wool, new life appeared! The imperfections works out into a new dimension. To stitch and hand stitch all over the screen print (based on 100% cotton) the framed artworks are modern & naiev.. More
  • FANT X Sandra van Riet

    FANT X Sandra van RietCERAMIC OBJECTS Ceramist Sandra van Riet and FANT found each other in simplicity, old traditions and imperfections. The simplicity of the shape of wall-object "ONENESS" is combined with old glace-techniques with herbs like Nettle, Ribwort-Plantain and Dandelion. Earth and water to create the body Fire and air to transform into ceramics 3 [...] More

    FANT X TÓOIVEGETABLE TANNED LEATHER Designed in collaboration with TÓOI : A vegetable tanned leather bag in minimalistic, female style. Made in a small family factory in The Netherlands. More
  • FANT X Forestry Wool

    FANT x Forestry WoolTraceable New Zealand Wool Forestry Wool sources their wool from New Zealand. Their blankets are woven by skillful craftsman in a family owned/run Mill in Lithuania, with the highest possible working standards, and who carry certifications that gaurentee the Wool is pure and harmless to both Animal and Humans.. The Wool is [...] More
  • FANT X Studio Nienke Hoogvliet

    FANT x Studio Nienke HoogvlietHEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT, REMEDY FOR BODY AND SKIN Studio Nienke Hoogvliet has done many projects related to the sustainability of the textile industry. With the H.E.R.B.S. research one of the questions arise whether medicinal natural dyes could contribute to our well-being. Check the H.E.R.B.S. book to find out more..! FANT was curious [...] More
  • FANT X Martine Viergever

    FANT X MARTINE VIERGEVERHANDMADE JEWELS Collaboration between FANT and Martine Viergever Sterling silver / Plated gold 925 / 000 Earrings Drawn to each other’s work We started to exchange ideas Found common ground and fun! We find our match in Craftmenship / Modern simplicity / Native origin More
  • FANT X Atelier Sukha

    FANT XXX SUKHASCREENPRINTED LOKTA PAPER Atelier Sukha has a long time experience with making lokta-paper products. FANT and Atelier Sukha developed a new project together by making graphic designs on gift paper and garlands. Giving some JOY to the world! More
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